Good Enough @ Melbourne Writers Festival

July 27, 2016 1:24 pm Leave a comment

Chrissie will be appearing at the Schools Program, Melbourne Writers Festival 2016 with Tony Wilson and Andrew McDonald.

When you feel anxious, it can seem like it’s just you. But lots of people hide their feelings of not fitting in, or thinking they’re not good enough. Chrissie Perry (Penelope Perfect) and Tony Wilson will talk about being okay.


Victorian Curriculum VCELT251, VCELT274, VCELT282

Angels by Chrissie Perry and Stuff Happens: Jack by Tony Wilson are on the 2016 Premiers’ Reading Challenge book list.

Andrew McDonald
Chrissie Perry
Tony Wilson
Mon 29 Aug 10am
ACMI The Cube
45 minutes

For more info, visit the Melbourne Writers Festival website.

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